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Employee contract builder in Odoo

Sunflower IT, Tom Blauwendraat
- 18/08/2021 18:20:05

A customer has a need for a solution that can allow HR users to 'build' 
an employee contract by selecting texts from a predefined list of HTML 

For example:

Section A:

- Clause type A (select from list)
- Clause type A (select from list)
- Clause type A (select from list)

Section B:

- Clause type B (select from list)

The clauses should be poweruser-editable, translatable HTML snippets in 
which also placeholders can be used such as in Odoo email templates: 
{{}} and the like.

It's possible to custom-build this, but is there anyone who has already 
seen something like this in action? I know some legal firms which had 
something like this custom-built in order to serve their customers 
quicker and sell them auto-generated contracts based on an online survey 
that the customer has to fill, thereby earning good money with very 
little work; but I haven't seen it in Odoo yet.