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Re: Continuous / Repetitive Manufacturing

Sunflower IT, Tom Blauwendraat
- 07/08/2021 14:26:04
What makes such processing different from having a ir.cron scheduled action that creates the same production order from the same BoM for each "batch" done, and in producing, assigning each such batch an individual lot number?

I worked in a chemical plant for some time and thats basically what they did - one batch per machine and time period, and then some QC testing done for each batch created - if product parameters outside perimeter, adjust process and throw away batch.

Aug 7, 2021 11:37:11 Kitti Upariphutthiphong <>:

Dear community,

Are there anyone with experience around continuous / repetitive manufacturing and Odoo/OCA, i.e., chemical refinery plant, bio diesel plant, solar energy plant. The process with continuous stream of input material and by products.

It does seem to me that, Odoo has nothing around this area and is not a good solution, is it?

Thank you!
Kitti U.

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