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Re: New module derived from Odoo CE licensing/credits question

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer
- 30/07/2021 18:15:40
Hi Radovan, 

i tend to agree to what Holger just said, but you hit a general problem
that to me is somewhat unsolved. This is as follows:

OCA is requiring (and checking) if contributions are made by
contributors that have signed the ICLA / CLA. By signing these
documents one claims that the code he or she add to he baseline is his
/ her own in its entirety. 

Now afaik S.A. itself (though publishing its core code in LGPLv3) isn't
officially contributing to the OCA but other OCA contributors do. This
means by pushing the OCB code these contributors already work in a grey
zone because what they do is legally absolutely fine (i.e. contributing
to LGPLed code) but they also inheretly hand over rights (that they
don't own) to the OCA in the first place. 

I might be wrong but OCB is a special case and your contribution would
be like OCB (as Holger just said) but it cannot be treated an ordinary
contribution to an arbitrary OCA repo, at least if we as the community
would retain the right to defend the IPR of the entire set of code
against uncompliant use (example Flectra).

With that having said, i kindly ask you to wait pushing the code until
some other (prefierably long term contributors and members have added
their interpretation of the legal case). Ususally our vice president
Graeme has some nice and valuable thoughts on these matters.

Best and have a nice weekend


Am Freitag, den 30.07.2021, 15:56 +0000 schrieb Radovan Skolnik:

> Holger,


> thanx for an input. I initially thought to make it in a way so that

> both modules can work side-by-side. But that is probably pretty

> useless so your idea is actually pretty good and would make the

> module really small.


> The code and templates I removed are for product.attribute.category

> for product.attribute to group them. I think I cannot (can I?)

> disable the code so the additional object/table/column will be there.

> However I would like to disable the templates relating to these so

> they do not confuse the user. According to a Google search it can be

> done in this way:


> <record id="full_external_id_of_the_template" model="ir.ui.view">

>         <field name="active" eval="False"/>

> </record>


> If I uninstall my module will the active statu return to its previous

> state? Should I use anything like that or just document in the readme

> that the product.attribute.category is useless while using



> Best regards


> Radovan


> On piatok 30. júla 2021 13:47:19 CEST Holger Brunn wrote:

> > > Would such module be acceptable for OCA? Any comments

> > > are welcome. Best regards

> >

> > shouldn't be very different than backporting an Odoo SA module,

> right?

> > 


> > CONTRIBUTING.rst#backporting-odoo-modules

> > But if there's so little changes, why can't you just depend on the

> module

> > and change what's to be changed in your code?

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