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New set of module "Requests".

Ecosoft Co. Ltd., Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 29/07/2021 08:58:47
Dear community,

Currently I am working on a set of modules which we call "Requests" for a project. And want to check whether there is interest in these modules.

At the surface it is quite similar to the "Approvals" of Odoo Enterprise. But in more detail it is like Approvals + Goodies of OCA. So I would say, it is a much better version of the Approvals.

The current list of modules are,
  • requests --> the base module. You can think of it as the envelope where the user will put in their one or many requests and pass through the approval process in one go.
  • requests_tier_validation -> extend request for base_tier_validation
  • requests_exception -> extend request for base_exception
  • requests_custom_info -> extend request for base_custom_info
  • requests_operating_unit -> extend for operating_unit
  • requests_???
And more documents that can be in the request envelope.
  • requests_hr_expense -> allow adding expense inside the request envelope
  • requests_hr_advance --> allow adding employee advance inside the request envelope
  • requests_purchase_request -> allow adding PR inside the request envelope
  • requests_???
Small organizations may not need this, but I think bigger organizations that need more control might find it useful, whether it is Expense Request, Purchase Request, Vacation Request, or even Request to create master data, etc...
  • As a central place for all requests, and approval progress (instead of going through many documents).
  • Streamline the way users go through approval process (by using tier validation, or any other extension in the future)
  • Approval can be done for the combined amounts of all their requests for the same, ie.., Trip. (instead of fragmented by document)
  • The request (as a template) controls how data in documents are filled. For example, a "Taxi Expense Request", helps create an Expense Sheet with all data filled, except amount.



My question is, which Repo should these modules go to? Or should it has a new repo. (I think it is more employee self service like).

Kitti U.