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Computed customer lead time

Pledra Netcom, Paul Catinean
- 23/07/2021 09:53:32
Hello all,

I am at a third project where we need a feature that seems to be missing in Odoo and OCA or I'm missing something really bad here.

Customer lead time is set in default Odoo as a static value on the product variant and it just adds this value in days on top when confirming the sales order (without working days but OCA supplier_calendar can help here). 

All the other values which delay a delivery (vendor lead time, delivery lead time, security days etc) work backward i.e: to deliver order X to the customer you have to set a desired delivery date to which you get the date when you SHOULD order to achieve it and not the way around.

It happens many times that we need this computation from today in order to give estimates to backend users of when a delivery will be made or for frontend users on the website.

Does anyone know of any module or feature I'm not aware of? What am I missing? :)