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Re: OCA module contributors and migrations

Tecnativa. S. L., Jairo Llopis
- 14/07/2021 09:13:41
El mar, 13 de jul de 2021 a las 15:37:13 PM, David Beal <> escribió:
A point of view could be that contributors should be someone who can answer any questions about the module in the future.
Then it should have the expertise on the topic to do it.

That sounds more like a maintainer.

El mar, 13 de jul de 2021 a las 15:37:12 PM, Tom Blauwendraat <> escribió:

- The "authors" list in manifest is something you want to keep small and just for important companies which contributed to the development, since it's also ugly when it's very long

- The contributors list in README can be as long as you want because it's not directly in anyone's view IMO - and I think any "thank you" that we can give people that invest their time in OCA, should be given

Just if people themselves feel their contribution is not worth a lot they can just not add it

100% agree.

As a side note, remember that there are plenty of ways to contribute to a module without writing a single line of code.

OCA should be generous in this kind of attribution. That will encourage people to contribute more.

This should be hardcoded in the guidelines though.