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Re: OCA module contributors and migrations

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer
- 13/07/2021 16:56:23
Hi Kevin, 

this is not an easy question to have a definitive answer on.
I'd say as long as the amount of work somebody put into 
isn't negligable (say migrated 20 lines of small module) 
he / she should be named as a contributor.

I think we should probably more focus on how we can make the net
amount of work somebody spent on the artifact(s) more transparent, so
that it becomes a more visible to everybody if a contributor is 
only contributing a few or a huge pile of work.

But even then sometimes the smallest changes carefully thought and
crafted do the largest impact. 

Best Frederik

Am Dienstag, den 13.07.2021, 14:47 +0000 schrieb Kevin Khao:

> Hi,


> This is about what counts as valid "contribution", that is, what you

> need to do to be added in the CONTRIBUTORS.rst file.


> In some (most?) cases, a migration is not a huge amount of work. In

> some cases, it can represent a lot of work.


> So it is arguable whether you should add yourself during migration

> commits.


> In discussions on Github, I have seen differing opinions on this

> subject. Some think it "cheapens" the contributor list that you add

> yourself if you just did a migration commit.


> I would lean towards adding yourself in any case a contributor

> anyways, since even if it's small it is still work, and should be

> recognized. Commit history is still there if you're interested in how

> much anyone contributed.


> Maybe there is already a consensus that I'm not aware of ? What do

> you think ?


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