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OCA module contributors and migrations

by "Kevin Khao" <> - 13/07/2021 16:44:28

This is about what counts as valid "contribution", that is, what you need to do to be added in the CONTRIBUTORS.rst file.

In some (most?) cases, a migration is not a huge amount of work. In some cases, it can represent a lot of work.

So it is arguable whether you should add yourself during migration commits.

In discussions on Github, I have seen differing opinions on this subject. Some think it "cheapens" the contributor list that you add yourself if you just did a migration commit.

I would lean towards adding yourself in any case a contributor anyways, since even if it's small it is still work, and should be recognized. Commit history is still there if you're interested in how much anyone contributed.

Maybe there is already a consensus that I'm not aware of ? What do you think ?