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Re: Full text search

GreenCloud Consulting, Juan Del Castillo Gómez
- 21/06/2021 20:10:01

From an open source point of view, I suggest use

It is an interesting project, and if you want a PCI DSS compliant server or GDPR with you can.

And for e-commerce full text search we'll need some custom integration with another ES index with products and with like a kibana-odoo-ui integration, maybe something around could be possible...


El lun, 21 jun 2021 a las 19:27, Joerg Lorenz (<>) escribió:
Hi Holger, 

Personally, I found your approach of using pure PostGreSQL insteresting here, given that elasticsearch requires an addtl service stack (docker container, or alike), and (as I learned the other day from Fred) Elasticsearch is developed in Java  (boo :-() Maybe not so much boo for me, as some of you know). For us, if connected with, Solr comes as an option, too (built on lucene as well). 

Also a quick search retrieved this: Performance is important. 

Have you by any chance - allready started covering some of the topics you marked as open in your presentation, like ranking, highlighting, proximity, parser tuning and dictionary training? 
Best, Joe 

Von: "Holger Brunn" <>
An: "Odoo Community Association, (OCA) Contributors" <>
Gesendet: Montag, 21. Juni 2021 18:46:45
Betreff: Re: Full text search

I did some work on this a long time ago in
That's basically a framework to make the postgres fulltext search operators 
usable via the Odoo UI. Something like this could still be helpful in v14 I 
think, but if I was tasked to start something from scratch I'd go the 
elasticsearch route nowadays I guess if there weren't any constraints.

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