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Re: [28078] Re: European Union One-Stop-Shop

Sygel Technology S.L., Valentín Vinagre
- 14/06/2021 22:18:14
Hi Frederik,
At first we also thought about being able to define which account to take the new taxes to ... but we thought it was better to take it to the same accounts that had the local taxes configured and then change it manually if necessary. Later an extension could be carried out with this functionality.

El lun, 14 jun 2021 a las 21:57, Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) (<>) escribió:
The XML-ID thing is something that Valentín, Harald and I discussed in the initial kick-off we did, and the `oss_country_id` field is far more versatile for the needed things than going to the XML-ID schema that will feel weird and restricting.


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