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Re: Discover the OCA priorities for 2021 proposed by the board

Tecnativa. S. L., Jairo Llopis
- 24/05/2021 11:38:09
I agree with Tom.

Also, having that /docs folder would make migrations even harder. Would make it very hard to find docs of several modules. Would force us to maintain one docs version per module version.

El sáb, 22 may 2021 a las 18:42, Tom (<>) escribió:
I am with you except for 1 thing: I think documentation is central and not tied to specific repositories. Because if you want to make a doc about one topic such as "syncing data" it will involve many repositories: queue, connector, connector-odoo2odoo, server-tools, bank-statement, edi....

The e-learning system is good but it is not so strong in wiki-like editing.

The "Migration" docs and "OCA guidelines" have become powerful docs that are much referred to; i think a central place such as that would be better for the docs, and then organized per each topic. Either on Github Wiki or on Github pages.

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Jairo Llopis