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Re: v14 accounting changes

Juan José Scarafía
- 23/05/2021 12:44:59
I'm not actually using v14, but I've play with it a little bit some time ago and there were some things that IMHO where a loss (between v13 and v14).
  • Now a payment only impacts the outstanding account (cash and bank journals). So, to see the actual balance of those journals
    • you must use statements (I like statements but I don't like to be force to use them on all customers and all journals)
    • after the v14 release, odoo add a patch that allows you to select the same journal liquidity account as the outstanding account as a way to bypass the outstanding. If you do so:
      • The journal dashboard gives wrong data
      • you can't use statements for this journal, and if you decide to use them later you are not going to be able to reconcile any previous payment.
      • also, the setup to bypass outstanding is not user friendly
  • payment + reconcile later vs paying from reconciliation
    • In the previous version, if you pay from a bank statement a bill (black line) or if you create the payment and later reconcile it (blue line) the behaviour was the same, one payment. The only difference was the workflow
    • on v14, if you create the payment and reconcile later you will have one payment + one statement journal entry. If you pay from the statement you only have one journal entry
    • I don't like it because:
      • what odoo is doing is not the same regarding the workflow
      • If you pay from statements you don't have a payment so you won't see the payment on your payments lists  and also you can't send a receipt/payment
      • If we make the payment before we have 2 journal entries (the one from the payment plus the one from the statement) for the same operation. In previous version being one journal entry was clearer for me
I believe there were some other things but I can't remember them right now. 
That's my quick feeback for v14 reconciliation

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El vie, 21 de may. de 2021 a la(s) 12:27, Oleg Kuryan ( escribió:
I agree with Pedro. I do not see problem statement in an email. Moreover in all above features I see only pluses that finally started to work properly.

On Fri, 21 May 2021 at 17:42, Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) <> wrote:
Unless you specify the problems, I don't see such problems in the new "features", except train users on them.

If you go to specific things, then the debate can go on. You can do it by topic for not getting a laberintic thread.


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