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Re: Stock valuation by location drilldown

Data Dance s.r.o., Radovan Skolnik
- 19/05/2021 13:46:02
This idea came to mind (please comment on its viability): in stock_account 
there is computed field value of stock.quant that calculates the value. 
stock.location has quant_ids. So it should be easily possible to create a 
computed field for stock.location that would make sum of its stock.quants as 
well as its child stock.locations. I guess there could be some magic that 
would allow to prevent recursive call to sum of stock.location children. Any 
pointers on how to do that? 

Thank you. Best regards

	Radovan Skolnik

On streda 19. mája 2021 11:51:45 CEST Radovan Skolnik wrote:

> Hello,

> I might be stupid not to see how todo that but let me ask. We have locations

> design in a hierarchical way (as I guess is designed). So for example we

> have Goods / RowNo / ShelfNo hierarchy, similarly Spare Parts / RowNo /

> ShelfNo. Now the stock resides at the leaf nodes in this hierarchy

> (shelfs). Is there a simple way to do stock valuation by some sort of

> drilldown? Or at least to get stock value of top location including all its

> children recursively? The need stems from the requirement to compare this

> calculation to other Inventory software which is to be replaced by Odoo.

> But first we have to be sure the calculations match. Thank you. Best

> regards

> Radovan Skolnik



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