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Project consumable (v14.0)

Pierre Verkest
- 19/05/2021 09:58:45
Hi there,

I've the need to follow the analytic cost of consumables per project.

As far when consumables are purchase we don't know how they will be used and while creating the quotation we don't know how exactly how many consumable to be sale, I'll create a new module probably called project_consumable in oca/project repo that will let users to record used consumable that will create relevant analytic account line linked to the consumable product and project (likes hr_timesheet which record time per project/task). I'll take care we get proper analysis.

I plan later to generate sale order (I know this is not very suitable. Add products in the generated invoice would make more sense in odoo... could be done in different modules anyway ) from some of those account move lines.

Are there already such efforts? I'll be happy to hear your comments :)


Pierre Verkest
06 81 12 25 20
Github: petrus-v - Twitter: petrusv84 - Linkedin: pierre-verkest