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Re: Sale Order -> Payment -> Invoice

Sygel Technology S.L., Harald Panten Lopez
- 10/05/2021 19:00:02
Hi Daniel,

What feature are you missing exactly?

The workflow that you're mentioning can be done by using a Standard Odoo Community version. (V13 and V14 at least).

1- Sell by ordered quantities (not delivered).
2- Generate the invoice automatically when the online payment is confirmed. --> Here you'll have to manage the payments by credit card, for example, so the payments can be validated in "real-time". This doesn't work with bank transfer as in this case, user has to confirm the payment/quotation manually.
3- As I said previously, once the payment has been validated, the quotation is validated as well and a new shipping i pending to be transfered.
4- You can also set an automatic confirmation by email, once the Delivery orders are done.

As other contributors mentioned, sale_automatic_workflow might be helpful to improve such sales workflows.

El lun, 10 may 2021 a las 17:52, Juan José Scarafía (ADHOC) (<>) escribió:
We've extended sale order type for similar needs (Bad documented on the modules). 

Ing. Juan José Scarafía

(+54 9 341) 3 278039

twitter: @jjscarafia

github: @jjscarafia

El vie, 7 de may. de 2021 a la(s) 04:57, Raphaël Reverdy ( escribió:

Le ven. 7 mai 2021 à 08:22, Aarón Henríquez Quintana <> a écrit :
This one forces the invoice to be paid in advance but there must be an invoice so I guess it does not fit that use case.


On Thu, 6 May 2021 at 22:07, Daniel Reis <> wrote:

I'm looking at implementing a typical eCommerce-like B2C workflow, where Orders are paid before the picking starts and an invoice is generated.

AFAIK Odoo does not support this flow out of the box.
I also searched the OCA modules for help, and couldn't find any.

Did I miss anything on my search?

Thank you

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