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Re: Shipping Costs

SHS-AV srl, Antonio M. Vigliotti
- 30/04/2021 09:54:55
Did you see the landing cost module?

Antonio M. Vigliotti

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Il 29/04/21 17:02, Daniel Reis ha scritto:

I found this requirement that I don't see existing features to support it.
Target version is Odoo 14.

A Sales order has a shipping costs line.
There is a shipping price charged to the customer, that is zero in most cases.
And there is an actual cost, that should depend on the delivery method we end up using.

The first gap is that the "Update Shipping Cost" button on the Sales Order updates the *price*, and not the cost.

The second gap is that, if you do set an amount on the SO line cost field, it is not carried over to the invoice.
The account_invoice_margin module solves this, but then, when posting the invoice this cost information is not used for the posting, and is not recorded in the accounting entries.

I'm ready to create a module to support this case, but I'm wondering if I am missing something here.
Am I thinking through this right?


Daniel Reis
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