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Re: Following the bank statement changes in v14

Alexinux, Alexis de Lattre
- 30/04/2021 09:17:30
As this message was blocked during several days, I copied it on this github issue :
Please refer to the conversion that took place there. The module account_check_deposit has already been updated ; the account_payment_order module will be updated soon.

Le mer. 21 avr. 2021 à 21:28, Alexis de Lattre <> a écrit :
Dear OCA friends,

Now that most of the key OCA accounting modules are ported to Odoo v14 and that the features that were moved to Odoo Enterprise have been restored in OCA (account_reconciliation_widget in OCA/account-reconcile and account_statement_import in OCA/bank-statement-import), I'm starting to do some real life end-to-end accounting scenarios in Odoo Community v14.

The scenario I'm currently testing is the following:
- create several vendor bills
- add vendor bills to payment order
- confirm SEPA payment order
- import bank statement with 1 statement line with total amount of payment

In previous odoo version, if the payment mode was configured with "offsetting_account" = "bank_account", it would generate an account move with the bank account as counterpart account ; and then, in the bank statement reconcile interface, you would match with a proposed blue line and it would not create a new account move but it would update the account move generated by the payment order and link it to the bank statement line.

As far as I understand (please correct me if I'm wrong !), this accounting scenario is not possible in Odoo v14. According to my tests on runbot Enterprise, when you are in the bank statement reconcile interface, you can still see blue lines in the proposals, but selecting blue lines will generate a new journal entry, it won't update the journal entry of the payment.

In short, the accounting scenario of vendor bill => SEPA payment => bank statement :
- with Odoo v9 to v13 with "offsetting_account" = "bank_account" : expense account => supplier account => bank account (total : 3 accounts)
- with odoo v14 : expense account => supplier account => Outstanding Payments Account => bank account (total : 4 accounts)
So the accounting scenario is similar to what we used to do in v8 with the transfer account (now named "Outstanding Payments Account") before the introduction of the concept of "blue lines" on the bank statement reconcile interface.

If this is confirmed, I plan to update the following OCA modules:
- account_payment_order from OCA/bank-payment : remove the fields "offsetting_account" and "transfer_account_id" on account.payment.mode. We would keep the field "transfer_journal_id" because you may want to have the journal entry "supplier account => Outstanding Payments Account" in a specific journal that may not be the bank journal.
- on account_check_deposit in OCA/account-financial-tools (pending PR : remove the fields "check_deposit_offsetting_account" and "check_deposit_transfer_account_id" on

As these are important changes, I prefer to post this message before modifying the code.

And I made a PR to remove the condition payment_id != false on account.move.line in the module account_reconciliation_widget:

Alexis de Lattre

Alexis de Lattre
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