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Re: 30 Checkout Operations per Minute A job for Odoo or not ?

Camptocamp SA, Joël Grand Guillaume
- 29/04/2021 09:26:36
Hi Frederik,

Yes this is a big number ! Look, first before anything else, how many lines on average for those orders ? According to my XP, this matters a lot.

Second question is: Are there rushing hours and more calm hours ? 

In our XP we could not record more than 10 orders per minute. Was on V 12 though, so it might have improved a bit by now. In our case, we had a rush and calm hour. So the jobs could be recorded during rush hours and processed during calm ones. It worked well, but that was for not that many numbers...

An idea would be to decoule the order confirmation from the stock move generation and do this in two different times. You could ensure the reservation using our stock allocation module.

Cannot really help much at this stage,


On Thu, Apr 29, 2021 at 1:32 AM Jordi Ballester Alomar <> wrote:
We have a use case with approx 5000/day. I can see how 50000/day can become a hell. Imagine recomputing a field, or migrating between versions.

It's a challenge, I give you that.

On Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 10:35 PM Frederik Kramer <> wrote:
Hi Folks, 

i have a project proposal on my desk that will ultimately end up in
approx. 30 checkout transactions per minute. Has anybody got a project
with that order volume done with a relatively recent version of Odoo
and provide a good reference. Please bear in mind that the project
ahead involves a similarly high volume of stock moves.

Any suggestion / comment like (but not limited to) 

Odoo is the wrong technology for that, forget it, because....


You can do it but, a), b), c) ....


If you really want that beast flying involve us over here because we
are among the few ones that already did soemthing similar

would be appreciated. 

From our load intensive projects at initOS i know that 10000 orders a
day can be handled but almost 50000 is a different story and thats why
i am asking the most experienced resource out there ;-)

Thanks in advance for your replay

Cheers Frederik

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