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Re: Weblate updated to v5

Le Filament, Rémi Cazenave
- 06/07/2024 15:18:24
I see I am not the only one working on week-ends :)

I think we have to wait for new modules to be added in existing repos 
(or new repos to be created) and then check that these are properly 
created in Weblate as well !

Thanks to help from Stéphane, I solved also the problem I had for 
migrating to latest version, so Weblate is now up to date in version 5.6.2.

Best Regards,

Le 06/07/2024 à 14:37, Pedro M. Baeza a écrit :

> Thanks for the work!


> How can we test the option you are commenting on?


> Regards.


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