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Re: ODOO Update versions V.15 to V.17 - Historical data.

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer
- 04/07/2024 08:31:00

Hi Hugo,

i agree with that Graeme said. In most cases where we had such challenges we simply decided to keep a version of the old system running (with the data of the last day in productive use and reset to that every night if necessary). This has 2 advantages

1.) This is the cheapest approach that you can probably take (at the jost of manually logging on to an old system in the case its needed)

2.) It literally shows you (either obvserved or measured by monitoring) how infrequently this system is being used.

Any kind of integration just makes a system more complex and doesn't render the base of decision making better imho

Best Frederik

Am 04.07.24 um 00:19 schrieb Graeme Gellatly:
Not for less than the cost of just migrating the historical data in the first place IMO if it is Odoo. Other historical systems, sometimes (most times) the cost isn't worth it.

Indeed I have one project like that. A v7 instance still running after nearly 14 years plus 8 historical systems still after 25 years. One of the dumber things I agreed to.

Any connector I'd do at database level. Most people that use Power BI, Jasper, Crystal or any reporting tools do at db level.

In any case, consider that the historical data is immutable and devalues quickly. You can probably just produce the historical summary reports / flat tables you need and stick them in tables/views in whatever software you want including Odoo. Maybe override some reports to add Unions on the historical. In fact that is something I'm considering even for instances where all the data is migrated, it sucks waiting minutes for reports when 90% of the information is aggregations of historical data that will never change.

On Thu, Jul 4, 2024 at 9:42 AM hugo.ferrer <> wrote:

Hello everyone.


I am doing an upgrade project from version 15 to 17, I am not going to migrate historical data, I will leave the historical data in version 15, up to the date of Go Live, and, in version 17 I will start with initial balances and operations from scratch , example: New Purchase Orders, New customer orders, etc.


My questions are: Is there a way to extract information from data that I will leave in version 15, for example: historical sales data, processed purchase orders, historical inventory data, etc.? Is there a connector or application for I can use Power BI to manage this data and be able to do reports, demand analysis, inventory analysis, etc.?


Thank you all in advance for your comments and recommendations.





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