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ODOO Update versions V.15 to V.17 - Historical data.

Hugo Ferrer
- 03/07/2024 23:36:56

Hello everyone.


I am doing an upgrade project from version 15 to 17, I am not going to migrate historical data, I will leave the historical data in version 15, up to the date of Go Live, and, in version 17 I will start with initial balances and operations from scratch , example: New Purchase Orders, New customer orders, etc.


My questions are: Is there a way to extract information from data that I will leave in version 15, for example: historical sales data, processed purchase orders, historical inventory data, etc.? Is there a connector or application for I can use Power BI to manage this data and be able to do reports, demand analysis, inventory analysis, etc.?


Thank you all in advance for your comments and recommendations.