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v18 early migration work based on master

Camptocamp SA, Simone Orsi
- 01/07/2024 12:39:01
Hi everybody,

We would like to start working on migrating some base modules to v18 before it gets released.

AFAIR there's no "official" policy for it, if not "do it on your own fork and then open PRs when the release is out".

From my POV it would be nice to define one.

For the branch, I see these options:

1. add a `master` branch that can be used w/ any version
2. add a `$nextVersion-[master|dev]` branch that can be used w/ odoo master for a specific version
3. simply have $nextVersion branch and stick to version policy nr 2 (see below)

For the module version:

1. append `dev`to the version (eg:
2. start w/ a number lesser than 1.0.0 and switch to 1.0.0 only when the release is out (eg:

I'd go for branch opt 3 + mod version opt 2.

For the test suite: I'm not sure we have a way to run tests against master ATM.

Am I missing something?

In general, what do you think?

Simone Orsi

Full stack Python web developer, Odoo specialist, Odoo Community Board Member, in love with open source.