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Re: Technical Question: Restart Odoo process after res.partner model change

Mint System GmbH, Janik von Rotz
- 21/06/2024 13:59:51
Hi Pedro,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes exactly, access to res.partner/res.user is done before I can act. 
Updating the module with the cli works (but you have to know the module 
name). As I understand click-odoo-update works similar to 
module_auto_update, but can update all changed modules from a separate 
Odoo process.

A simple solution is probably a fixed list of modules that should always 
be updated (from the cli) after the code change and before restarting 
the Odoo container.

Regards, Janik

On 6/21/24 11:52, Pedro M. Baeza wrote:

> Maybe the problem is that you want to update from the UI, and in that 

> case, an access to res.partner/res.users is done before you can act. 

> You should do it in the command line with the -u argument (or 

> click-odoo-update), or with a parallel run (in Docker environments), 

> or similar.


> Regards.


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