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x2many fields vertical scrollbar?

Francesco Ballerini
- 21/06/2024 10:05:36


I am managing a situation where we often have a lot of lines on some main apps x2many fields (sale, picking, invoice, purchase..).

It's not really handy when we are in a range of 60-200 lines, I just discovered that I could permanently increase the "limit" attribute on the tree-view.

That would partially solve the problem, but in my opinion another part of the issue is that if you increase the "pager limit" to contain all lines, all the elements after the field will be pushed down in the view.

It would be nice to have a vertical scrolling so that we can let's say set a limit of 500 lines (so they will all be loaded in the same pager) then have a limited height and be able to vertically scroll through the lines.

Do you know any way to achieve this? Maybe someone already made a module for that?

Have a nice day,
Francesco Ballerini