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Re: Technical Question: Restart Odoo process after res.partner model change

Mint System GmbH, Janik von Rotz
- 21/06/2024 09:43:02
Hi Pedro,

I did not want to offend anyone and have also tried to do justice to 
your expertise.

Reading your answer tells me I asked the wrong questions.



On 6/21/24 09:03, Pedro M. Baeza wrote:

> Janik, I'm afraid your deployment process is not correct, not an Odo 

> bug, as both updating or installing changes DB schema, but obviously 

> the Python code should be reloaded for this to happen (aka, the 

> service should be restarted). Questioning an expert like Graeme with a 

> lot of years of experience in such basic things is not a good practice 

> IMO.


> Regards.


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