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Re: Please share your thoughts on the use of `x_` prefix for custom fields in Odoo

by "Graeme Gellatly" <> - 18/06/2024 23:19:23
Before Odoo studio, there was another frontend editor, like way back in v5. But it is only for fields created through the UI, not modules. Never modules, it would be a nonsense.  The only time you would use in a module is if it contained dynamic field creation, e.g. like studio, or you have some kind of variable dynamic model like say custom field service worksheets. I think this is simply a misunderstanding of the documentation.

On Tue, Jun 18, 2024 at 12:16 AM Frederik Kramer <> wrote:
Thanks Pedro, thanks Christian and Francesco for your comments,

i think the first appearance of that magical "x_" was long before Odoo 
Studio even existed but i do definitely agree that backend UI changes 
done with Odoo Studio (or earlier through Developer Tools and Plain BE 
functions) should be avoided in any production grade DB. However, 
technically forbid to use that "methods" is not all too simple (if the 
customer pretends to have certain rights on his landscape) or comes from 
an origin where nobody even told them ;-)

To me it seems (i.e. would be my conclusion) that Odoo S.A. always 
wanted to have that "x_" prefix and the community mostly ignored it (if 
i remember well, i have occassionaly seen app store modules that 
followed this 'requirement').

Now what bothers me most is that Odoo S.A. isn't consistent either on 
the matter and obviously never forced to comply (would have been easily 

So probably we we better follow the "wisdom of the crowd" altogether and 
continue to ignore that "magic convention".

Best Frederik

Am 17.06.24 um 13:43 schrieb Pedro M. Baeza:

> IMO, that prefix must only apply to fields created through UI / Odoo 

> Studio, not on community modules. And if you have to maintain that DB, 

> I advise you to forbid both Odoo Studio and manual field creation.


> Regards.


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