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OCA Mailing-list and Weblate rate limit issue

DEC, Yann Papouin
- 18/06/2024 11:05:36
Hello everyone,

First, this message has already been posted on but after looking on, it looks like there is only 1 mailing-list now ? all others are dropped ?
Secondly, did you know that you can login on with admin/admin ?

So I'm reposting here my message:

I started working on translating some modules in the maintenance repository.
But now I'm stuck (10 min cooldown ) when I want to add a new FR translation with this error:

Your request was rejected because you have performed too many operations recently. You have been signed out, please sign in and try again later.

Technically, only 8 translations have been created this morning (17 jun 2023) before this auto-signout appears, and it looks like it is related to this rate limits:

I can create 2 translations every 5 minutes ... that's too long but the lockout period (10 minutes) is worse because it looks like it is reset after each attempt ...
Could you decrease this rate ( RATELIMIT_LANGUAGE_ATTEMPTS ) to the minimum or at least 1 minute ? because this step is recurrent and it is really frustrating to be locked out when so many modules needs translating for a few words

Thank you,