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Re: OCA Weblate, why the lack of speed?

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer
- 17/06/2024 09:31:10

Hi Jakob,

afaik, OCA uses weblate because it doesn't just us as much as Transifex charged us. If i am not mistaken we run Weblate ourselfes and if i understood (Stephané Bidoul, who is the master of OCAs hardware architecture) we are about to migrate on a more powerful hardware server (also for that purpose). But Stephané can certainly be more precise on that. So in the best case it should improve somewhen soon :-)

Best and thanks for the question


Am 17.06.24 um 09:07 schrieb Jakob Krabbe:
I've done plenty of translating for Odoo in Sweden. Modules and 
documentation for Odoo mainly in Transifex but also some for OCA, using 

I like the tool Weblate. Sometimes it's more helpful than Transifex!

But I've always wondered why it's so slow. I often get the "500 time 
out" -error and it's more frequently before lunch than after!

Who's in charge? What's the plan, if any...?

I assume others has experienced the same. I'm new to this e-mailing list 
and maybe this has been discussed recently? If so, my apology for 
highlighting the issue!


// jakob

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