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odoo14 website mega-menu unexpected mobile behaviour?

Francesco Ballerini
- 10/06/2024 16:02:42

In odoo14 website if we add a mega-menu to the navbar then switch to mobile simulation, we get a non-expanded drop-down menu by default (see attachment megamenu1.png), I've made this screenshot made from OCA runboat.

I'm having some sort of bug from mobile simulation in my current database: my custom mega-menu is loaded as already expanded when the website navbar is loaded.

A few weeks ago, in a previous version of the database, that mega menu drop-down was properly loaded as non-expanded.

I've noticed that this behaviour also applies if I create an entirely new mega-menu, so it's not strictly related to the specific item.

I have tried to regenerate asset bundles and use the "-u all" command in order to resync database, however this pretty standard procedure didn't help for this situation.

Do you have any hint to solve this problem?

Thank you

Francesco Ballerini