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Re: multichannel sales with different marketplaces

- 15/04/2021 13:15:33

Using a multi-channel dispatcher is the best option, as it is allways 
very complicated to handle all the marketplaces that you need in Odoo. 
It is exactly like using a multi shipping provider.

Lengow is only for big companies wich sells lot of products.

We work with Iziflux, a french multi-channel feed (a «broker» as you 
said, one can see it as a dispatcher). Price is really cheap compared to 
Lengow and you can start with, for example, 100 products. There is a lot 
of multi-channel feeders. Local feeders are recommended at there is also 
a lot of local marketplaces.

We have asked it-projects (Yelizariev's company) to code a connector 
Odoo 13 - Iziflux. It works well and we would like to release it as GPL.

However, a simpler module would be good enough for starting as nearly 
all multi-channel feeds can handle CSV files. It would work as follow :
- check products to sell
- check require fields and transform format
And a cron job would
- CSV product and stock
- CSV stored in dedicated directory
- ftp your CSV to the multichannel feed (some multichannel feeds will 
directly take it)
- ftp the multichannel CSV (sales)
- CSV sale import
Such a general module could be immediatly usable with every 
multi-channel feed as soon as you will setup the fields and adapt 

If you need to search for multi channel providers, use these keywords : 
multi-channel, feed, connector, flux

Xavier Brochard
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Le 15.04.2021 12:12, Alexandre Fayolle a écrit :

> I'm in contact with a german company who would like to interface Odoo

> with different marketplaces, such as amazon, ebay but also local german

> actors. I don't have yet a full list, and the list is likely to evolve

> over time anyway, so I would not like to use 1 connector backend per

> marketplace...

> I think the most cost effective approach would be to use a 3rd party

> broker which would take care of the nitty gritty details and present

> Odoo with a single, unified interface. I think lengow does this, and we

> have a connector_lengow project in the OCA repositories.

> I'm happy to hear some feedback (on the lengow connector, or on using a

> broker for this purpose), doubtless some of you already had to walk 

> this

> path.