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Re: Paperformat issues (Odoo14)

Therp, Tom Blauwendraat
- 07/06/2024 12:16:27

It sounds a bit paradoxical that you define a bottom margin for the report which is then occupied :)

AFAIK the report_qweb_element_page_visibility operates on the area outside the margins of the "content area" so the two things should be clearly separated

Do you perhaps have a screenshot with some arrows and circles highlighting what you mean

On 6/7/24 12:13, Francesco Ballerini wrote:


I am using this module report_qweb_element_page_visibility to be able to show footer conditionally in reports, but I'm having issues with paperformat.

I need to define  a "margin botton" paperformat parameter in order to let the footer get the proper space when it needs to be rendered, although by defining a static paperformat margin bottom the space of the footer will always be occupied in the report, even if the footer is not displayed by the class last-page/first-page

So the OCA module works properly, but I think that the margin bottom paperformat parameter is not flexible enough to support this situation.

Did you ever come up with a solution to this ? Any kind of workaround is fine :)

Thank you
Francesco Ballerini

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