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Tracking packagings in stock

by "Kevin Khao" <> - 27/05/2024 19:15:01
Dear OCA members,

I have been confronted with the following issue, and made a module with the link below for something of a fix.

Here is the use case: in addition to knowing how many units of products we have in stock, we want to know under what packagings there products are. For example: not only do I want to know I have 95 units in stock, I want to know that I have 5 packages of 10 units and 2 packages of 25 (because one has been opened and 5 units taken out from it).

It seems modifying the stock.quant model to take into account these packagings would be a hairy task as it is a core model that is read to/written to in a bunch of places.

Our simple solution is to create an intermediary model and a computed field on stock.quants and products that will store this information: 

This allows to preserve native Odoo functionality but also serves our requirement (we only care about showing this, for some data that we receive from a connector to another WMS). It works in our situation but someone out there might have thought of a more general approach, what do you think ?

Best regards,