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Session storage in S3

iMio SCRL, Stéphane Van Erp
- 19/05/2024 22:11:42
Hello OCA community,

As part of a multi-tenant deployment with several replicas, we are looking to persist Odoo sessions elsewhere than in the container.

We recently tested the OCA/session_db module with success, but if anyone had any experience to share on the multi-tenant side we'd be more confident ;-).

Nevertheless, since we also use the OCA/fs_storage and OCA/fs_attachment modules to store attached files in an S3 environment, we'd be tempted to use S3 instead of the DB.
Do any of you know of such a module? Is it a good idea?

I'm sure I'll have other questions about multi-tenant deployment with k8s, but I'd rather keep this to one subject per e-mail.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Stéphane Van Erp for iMio