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Re: server-tools pull request help

ClosingAp Open Source Integrators Europe, LDA, Daniel Reis
- 16/05/2024 09:20:23
Probably the Odoo app store didn't have time to do the repo sync.
To be sure, I forced it and it is published now.

Since we're here, I'm not sure we want to continue publishing OCA modules to the app store.
It requires manual labor to add the new branches for each of the hundreds of repositories each year.
It is also incomplete as there are sync problems.
For example, the app store does not support a module that has moved between repos.

In my opinion, we the right place to look for OCA modules is our index:

My 2 cents.


On 16/05/2024 07:37, luka zorko wrote:
Thank you so much for helping me merge the pull request.
I only have one more question considering this module - what needs to be 
done for the version 17.0 to be visible in the odoo app store ?
Here is the URL where only versions up to 16.0 are visible:

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