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Re: server-tools pull request help

by "luka zorko" <> - 16/05/2024 08:34:13
Thank you so much for helping me merge the pull request.
I only have one more question considering this module - what needs to be 
done for the version 17.0 to be visible in the odoo app store ?
Here is the URL where only versions up to 16.0 are visible:

On 13/05/2024 19:21, luka zorko wrote:

> The pull request received a couple of comments and it has been silent 

> for weeks now.

> Please help me get this merged by clarifying any changes you would 

> like to be made, so we can move forward.


> Thank you.


> On 23/04/2024 16:07, luka zorko wrote:

>> Dear OCA maintainers


>> Could someone please check out my pull request trying to migrate 

>> iap_alternative_provider to odoo 17.

>> The module is very small and truly minor changes have been made, but 

>> a client needs this functionality for a dependent module.

>> Here is the URL of the pull request: 



>> Thank you for your assistance.

>> Best regards,

>> Luka Zorko