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Re: server-tools pull request help

by "luka zorko" <> - 13/05/2024 19:21:44
The pull request received a couple of comments and it has been silent 
for weeks now.
Please help me get this merged by clarifying any changes you would like 
to be made, so we can move forward.

Thank you.

On 23/04/2024 16:07, luka zorko wrote:

> Dear OCA maintainers


> Could someone please check out my pull request trying to migrate 

> iap_alternative_provider to odoo 17.

> The module is very small and truly minor changes have been made, but a 

> client needs this functionality for a dependent module.

> Here is the URL of the pull request: 



> Thank you for your assistance.

> Best regards,

> Luka Zorko