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purchasing a set of products

Nitrokey GmbH, Jan Suhr
- 23/04/2024 15:06:19
We have several products which we purchase together. For example some 
laptops are purchased together with RAM and a SSD, but which are 
separate products for us in Odoo. I can't expect from our purchase 
department to remember all the components. To make purchasing error 
prone and easy, we configured a laptop *kit* which BOM contains a laptop 
*barebone*, RAM, SSD. So our purchase department can simply buy the 
laptop kit and don't need to remember which components are included in 
which product.

In general this setup works but it has the following shortcomings:

The reordering rules need to be configured for the barebone product. 
Once the minimum amount is reached a PO will be created automatically. 
The purchase department needs to remember to replace the barebone laptop 
with the barebone kit. Obviously deactivating "Can be Purchased" can't 
be applied here. We support this by stating "DON'T BUY" in the product 
barebone's name.

Generally, the amount of products and BOMs is doubling, increasing the 
overall complexity.

Do you have any better idea how to deal with such situation?

Best regards,