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Re: Form field conditional formatting

Holger Brunn
- 22/04/2024 17:12:02
> OK, I found it's working. But it's working a bit differently than what I'd

> need. It colors the text in Char or Integer fields. It does nothing to

> fields that are empty or to let's say Selection fields. I am looking for a

> way to highlight some fields to draw attention to them even if they are

> empty - so maybe setting the background on them. Or add some icon besides

> them... Any ideas are welcome.

don't forget plain css:

div.o_form_editable div[name="yourfield"]:not(.o_readonly_modifier) input {
    background: red!important;

or combine this with the conditional bootstrap classes
div[name="yourfield"].text-danger {
    background: red!important;

Up until v15 a form would have class o_form_model_name, which made it easy to 
make this model specific. For ancient Odoo for exactly this use case I made
which you might want to resurrect and rename for this purpose.

But if you go into the module writing business for this anyways, probably 
better patch
and allow something like
<field name="yourfield"  o-class-yourclass="expression" />
which would be much more versatile

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