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Re: Integration of mailing.mailing (Email marketing) templates and webiste pages?

Data Dance s.r.o., Radovan Skolnik
- 04/03/2021 11:23:06
Thank you Simone!

I was thinking about something exactly like this. How would you propose to 
handle a situation where I want to have a general copy of that email/page - 
for example shared via FB campaign? That is not linked to any specific 
recipient (or is linked to a pseudo one). Should I maybe extend extend the 
mail_browser_view controller to provide something like /campaing/view/
<string:token> which would render the same content without tracking? Or to 
save removing the tracking elements and create a special version of mail.mail 
to be used in static linking from other websites? Hope I am clear :-)

Best regards


On štvrtok 4. marca 2021 10:57:46 CET Simone Orsi wrote:

> Hello,

> this should address your issue

> [1] And if you

> want to test/dev your templates before sending them w/ real content you can

> use [2] HTH,

> On Thu, Mar 4, 2021 at 9:21 AM Radovan Skolnik < [3] >

> wrote: Hello,

> let me start in this way. When receiving e-mail campaign mails from various

> sources, they usually contain a link saying "If you cannot read this email

> properly, click here to display on web" or something like that for cases

> when email client forbids loading external content or just cannot render

> the HTML content properly. The link leads to a webpage where there is

> basically the same content as in the email.

> Now I would like to achieve something similar. I.e. to be able to send

> themed marketing emails and have them contain link to website page as a

> alternative way of displaying the content. That webpage should be a normal

> webpage - will be advertised through other means as well (Facebook,

> Instagram, ...) Now I know I could design/create both email template and

> website page but that just doubles the work. So I am looking for something

> like one of these alternatives:

> *) You design the email and have it render (create) the website page with

> the same content.

> *) The same as above but just the other way around. Create webpage and from

> that have email generated.

> *) Something else?

> Can anyone advise anything in this regards? Or am I missing something as

> usual? ;-)

> Best regards

> Radovan Skolnik



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