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Re: Partner Hierarchy module

by "Richard deMeester" <> - 04/03/2021 10:27:44


Slightly off topic, but not entirely, we are looking at migrating the contact in several companies to v14, and it is not on the to be migrated list, does anyone know why?

Internally, we have created a "holding compamy" module, but would be interested in an OCA inspired solution.

We have a link between "branch" and "holding company", and then they can obvioulsy have their standard contacts beneath.  The nice things we added are:

Check boxes on "does the invoice accumulate with the branch or the holding company", "statements go to branch / holding company" (some franchises want them to behave differently) , meaning on a case by case basis the call can be made to send the invoice up the chain or to the holding company.  We also have mods in the purchasing side to allow holding companies to have purchase prices, and when a PO goes to a branch, it uses the holding company's pricelist to buy.

This has real use when dealing with "stores" from one chain, or "franchises".  These are common structures where two "company" entities need to be associated with each other.


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From: Holger Brunn <>
Sent: Thursday, 4 March 2021 5:07 AM
To: Contributors <>
Subject: Re: Partner Hierarchy module
> No hierarchy in the sense of parent_of though with 

> [1]

> Only feedback, in environments with the granularity requested on the

> partners, we simultaneously have requests for qualifications of relations

> between partners without any parent relations as funders, investors,

> administrators ... and partner_multi_relation module is a good complement

when conceiving this originally, I did toy with a `transitive` checkbox, then 
you could use transitive relations just like parent_of. But as the customer 
lost interest in this feature, so did I. Maybe Daniel will add it?

OTOH this case sounds more like composite relations: When partner A has 
relation X with B, and B relation Y with C, then A and C have relation Z. This 
also sounds like a very useful feature to have, and I think will be much less 
computationally expensive to implement if you don't just store the transitive 
closure above.

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