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Re: Postgresql Table partitioning in Odoo

ClosingAp Open Source Integrators Europe, LDA, Daniel Reis
- 26/02/2021 21:35:05
Hello Jordi,

In some cases Partial Indexes can do the trick.

For example, you could have a partial index only for active records. Since most of the time there is filter condition on the active field, the smaller partial index can be used instead of a full index.

This can give you the same benefits as a partitioned table, with a simpler solution (no need to push data around).

More info:


No dia 26/02/2021, às 19:17, Jordi Ballester Alomar <> escreveu:

Dear contributors,

We have a case of a database where some tables, like account.move.line are growing to absurd numbers of records. At this point we are considering using Postgresql Table partitioning to speed up performance. Has anyone of you had experience with table partitioning?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 

Jordi Ballester Alomar
CEO & Founder | ForgeFlow

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