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Re: Prevent accidental emails to external addresses

Moduon Team, S. L., Rafael Blasco (Moduon)
- 26/02/2021 09:20:15
Usually solved with training of email client. This could happen with Gmail or Outlook, thunderbird... Which is the difference? --> 

I have an idea and is make like Gmail, it doesn't ask again to send the email but shoe you clearly the recipients.

My proposal would be where Odoo says

"Send to Followers"

Replace with the name and email of the followers to make explicit visually ( like in de mobiles or webmail, or email's clients) to who is going to be delivered the email before pressing send!

The next level (without pop-ups which no email client or any application I. The work do) could be to colour the "Send button" in red.

As my first paragraph, I think this is because the followers are "hidden".

My best!

El jue., 25 feb. 2021 19:31, Daniel Reis <> escribió:

A concern came up, about Odoo users accidentally send out email to external email addresses, such as customers or vendors.
To goal is not the prevent this from happening, such as in a blacklist/whitelist feature, but to avoid that from happening accidentally.

I'm not sure should looks like.
One idea could be having a dialog box confirmation before posting a message mentioning an external user.
Maybe we could external email from chatter messages, and only allow it from a Action menu send email option.

On the OCA i've only found "mail_restrict_follower_selection" (
But I'm not sure this is the solution I want to go to.
At least it may not be enough on itself.

Did some of you faced the same issue?
Any thoughts, solutions, tips you can share?


Daniel Reis
Managing Director
M: +351 919991307
Av Doutor Desidério Cambournac 12 • 2710-553 Sintra, Portugal

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