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Re: Prevent accidental emails to external addresses

Invitu, Cyril VINH-TUNG
- 26/02/2021 08:38:28
Dear Daniel
We had another case here that is related to the odoo messaging system.
It's not the same story but it has been critical as the person has been fired after that...
An external recipient answered to an odoo email coming from a lead... as you know, with standard odoo, the external recipient do not see other external recipients (that are followers of the lead)... she did not see that her hr manager was follower of the lead and she wrote bad words on him...
She was fired the day after...
It was very hard for us to prouve that we were not responsible of the use of Odoo by the external partners of our customer...
That's the reason why we consider mail_footer_notified_partner as mandatory and we wanted to have the notification in header instead of footer here :

and by the way, we are very interested in your use case and the solution with the popup...

Best regards

Le jeu. 25 févr. 2021 à 19:57, Joël Grand-Guillaume <> a écrit :
Hi Daniel,

We face  the same problem here. I'm interested to follow up with you on this.

I like the warning pop-up personality. 


Le jeu. 25 févr. 2021 à 22:22, Quentin Lavallee <> a écrit :
Hi Daniel,

For similar concerns (in v12), we've used

While not preventing external emails, it adds a visual step so the user realizes this is not an internal note. Note that there is a slight delay before the popup opens, but I find it totally usable nonetheless.


Le jeu. 25 févr. 2021 à 13:31, Daniel Reis <> a écrit :

A concern came up, about Odoo users accidentally send out email to external email addresses, such as customers or vendors.
To goal is not the prevent this from happening, such as in a blacklist/whitelist feature, but to avoid that from happening accidentally.

I'm not sure should looks like.
One idea could be having a dialog box confirmation before posting a message mentioning an external user.
Maybe we could external email from chatter messages, and only allow it from a Action menu send email option.

On the OCA i've only found "mail_restrict_follower_selection" (
But I'm not sure this is the solution I want to go to.
At least it may not be enough on itself.

Did some of you faced the same issue?
Any thoughts, solutions, tips you can share?


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