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Re: Convert quantity from an UoM to another one

Tecnativa. S. L., Pedro M. Baeza
- 24/02/2021 16:32:12
Check product_secondary_unit and the rest of the family.


El mié., 24 feb. 2021 16:02, Pierre Verkest <> escribió:
I'd like to propose a new module in product-attribute repo to convert from an UoM to another one, I would suggest "base_uom_converter" or "uom_converter".

This conversion would work in oneway as it requires a scale to use it.

For instance, as a developer, I'm generating sales orders from business code. I know that the sale is regarding a given distance of something "D", the work force can be translated from a scale where distance "D" would be the scale entry. The expected result "R" would be the amount of time with a given formula:
R (hours) = scale line fix amount (hours)  + D (meter) * scale line coef ( hours / meter).

I guess this could be hooked to the existing system while we change the uom on a sale order line but this is not the intent of this module from my point of view, that's why I suggest base_uom_converter !

Does this exist already ? Does the OCA want to maintain such a module ?
Pierre Verkest
06 81 12 25 20
Github: petrus-v - Twitter: petrusv84 - Linkedin: pierre-verkest

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