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Re: Header sorting in form view

DEC, Yann Papouin
- 23/02/2021 23:33:13
For the record:

Values are kept locally until a full reload.
The user orderedBy is stored in a dictionary where the primary key is model,res_id and the secondary key is the field name.

Yann PAPOUIN, Ingénieur R&D | DEC

Le lun. 11 janv. 2021 à 11:06, Yann Papouin <> a écrit :
Dear community,

I'm looking for an addon or a way to keep user sorting choices.

As you know, you can click on a One2Many or Many2Many header (of a stored field) to sort the lines but any action in the form (validate something or encoding quantities, etc.) reload it and reset the user sort.

I don't have a great JS expertise that's why I'm asking here before starting to work on a new module/hook dedicated to this feature.

Thank you.
Yann Papouin