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Re: Issues with Travis

Holger Brunn
- 22/02/2021 18:17:30
> - a minimalist GitHub

> action that orchestrates the thing ( example a in Shopinvader repo [5] )

> It's lean, seems to work well and is pretty fast, as the installation step

> is reduced to the minimum (i.e. downloading the docker image).

this I think is the killer feature. And as you describe the transition period 
below, we'll have enough time to iron out corner cases; preserving the amount 
of work we put into this was my main reason to try to salvage current MQT

> In terms of

> the general mechanics, I have only one open question: can we rely on the

> Odoo exit code to detect test failure or do we still need a log parser ?

the exit code is trustworthy to my knowledge
and similar code exists more or less forever already. Isn't the log parsing 
done by runbot to also error out on warnings and give early notice when it 

> If people agree

sounds perfectly fine to me

> - think about older

> branches: the concept will work, I'm sure (I've tested 10, 12, 13, 14 and 8

> should work too), but the deployment has to be organized

I personally am not willing to invest work in the py2 versions, but don't see 
a reason why others shouldn't work on this.

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