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Muli Cloud and Hybrid Cloud for Odoo Solutions

GreenCloud Consulting, Juan Del Castillo Gómez
- 20/01/2021 13:36:01
Hi Contributors,

I've been 4 months researching about IaC with Terraform for Odoo implementations at multi cloud level.

I've also been researching in hybrid cloud with kubernetes for Odoo solutions.

This research is cover by the open source project "TerradooCloud" (, where I want offer a documentation reference for all the possible deployments scenarios for Odoo on Cloud.

Recently, Google Cloud launch a course and already have a docs for SAP (

This is like my intends to build for Odoo instead for SAP.

At this moment, I don't have more time to spend in this research, I only can offer management of GitHub projects and reviews, but due to it is a very big and ambitious project, only can be possible with contributors interested.

Now, I'm focusing in IoT and electronics, so I continue with microk8s and Odoo for server side of IoT, but my focus will be in electronics side.

If there are anyone interested in participate in this project is already invited to be a member of the organization, but with external PRs is the best way to participate.

Thank you very much, I hope this project will be interested to anyone,