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Re: E-commerce mass reconcile

Commown, Florent Cayré
- 22/12/2020 22:37:03
That's exactly what we do at Commown, using a module very similar to Sebastien's stripe move import module but for slimpay.
Work's pretty well !

Le 22 décembre 2020 19:37:31 GMT+01:00, Houssine BAKKALI <> a écrit :

you could manage your payment acquirer like a bank account so you have to import all the payment transaction from you payment acquirer (10 transaction of 100€).

Then you manage the 1000€ transfer from the acquire to you bank account like an usual bank transfer between to of your bank account.

On 22/12/2020 10:32, Harald Panten Lopez wrote:
Hi Community,

I have a use case that I can't properly solve. Let's see if you have had this use case.

1- I have an e-commerce where I sell my products.

2- I have my payment methods properly set.

3- Imagine that I sell 10 products today, to 10 different customers. Each product costs 100€, so... I sold 1.000€ (in total).

4- I'll Have 10 different invoices, for 10 different customers. Each invoice for an amount of 100€.

5- Tomorrow, my payment acquirer will transfer 1.000€ to my bank account, but he'll not specify any customer. These 1.000€ would be transferred in the same statement line.

How can I easily reconcile these 1.000€ with my 10 different invoices avoiding the manual reconciliation? How do you manage these situation?

I've been checking the account-reconcile repository but I wasn't able to find any appropriate solution.

Thank you for your ideas! 


Harald Panten López


Sygel Technology S.L

+34 637 88 42 41
C/ Àlaba 61, 5ª planta, 08005, Barcelona

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