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Discord rooms bridged over to Matrix

Tecnativa. S. L., Jairo Llopis
- 22/12/2020 11:08:59
Hi contributors.

For those of you who use Matrix to communicate, good news! João Marques and me, from Tecnativa, have worked on setting up the bridge with Discord.

We have set up the community. You can join it freely. From there, you can see all the public rooms, which are bridged over to OCA's Discord server. We took the chance to also include in the list the bridged rooms for #oca and #openobject IRC channels in, although I guess these days less and less people attend those.

Before you ask:
  1. You don't need to have a discord account to talk to discord people from matrix.
  2. You don't need to have a matrix account to talk to matrix people from discord.
Just use the chat system you prefer, and the bridge will handle the rest.

Someone with permissions, please add instructions to (both for discord and matrix, and maybe even IRC).

This was the tl;dr. More details below:
  1. We created all rooms on the public homeserver. Yes, it would have been nicer to host a OCA homeserver, but we felt like this was the easiest way to get up and running without impacting in OCA's maintenance.
  2. We used appservice bridge to bridge the discord community. Again, we could have self-hosted the bridge, but same reasons apply.
  3. As such, if you want to support those helpful tools, you can donate to Matrix (details on website) and/or to t2bot. Maybe OCA board itself can consider that, given these are open source SaaS services that are saving infrastructure costs.
  4. Private Discord rooms are not bridged because the appservice bot has no access to them. I consider this is better because it allows board members to focus on a single permissions system. However that can be also bridged if needed (by adding permissions to the matrix-appservice-discord-t2bot role in the discord server). I should lose my permissions soon, so I leave that comment here for oca board members.
  5. I'll stick around in all matrix rooms for a while, just to be sure it all works fine. But I'll leave rooms that are not interesting to me later.
  6. We tried to bridge Discord's #general channel to Freenode's #oca channel, but that would mean self-hosting the IRC bridge. I don't think it's worth it, so we just added the IRC autobridged rooms to the community, in case somebody still wants to track them from Matrix.
  7. You can join from Matrix to specific rooms without necessarily being part of the community.
  8. Communities is an area that is getting a big refactor lately in the Matrix world. We expect some changes regarding this, and will possibly convert it into a Communities V2 or Matrix Space once that's settled. For now, we have this.