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Help on account_multicurrency_revaluation

CorporateHub OU, Alexey Pelykh
- 22/12/2020 08:32:49
Dear contributors,

I’m in dire need of help regarding account_multicurrency_revaluation and what it actually supposed to do.

I’ve experimented with it a bit and it seems (at least to my current understanding) that it does following:

On AR & AP accounts it revaluates unpaid amounts of foreign currency, effectively making entries about “Unrealized currency gains/losses”

But also by default it affects Liquidity accounts (bank accounts), making entries that seem to duplicate ones that Odoo makes when a multi-currency transaction is reconciled, effectively making some sort of “Realized currency gain/loss revaluations”. This completely falls beyond my understanding what it supposed to do, and why.

Also, I’m looking for a module that would do “bank balance revaluation”, account_multicurrency_revaluation is clearly not about that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards,